Year or Term Abroad

With the approval of the Study Abroad Committee and the department of his or her major, a student who has at least a B average may study in a foreign country. Such study may be undertaken for an academic year or for a term, by enrolling in a designated non-Yale program. A list of eligible study abroad programs can be found on the Study Abroad Web site. A term abroad may be taken during the second term of the sophomore year, or during either the fall or spring term of the junior year. A year abroad may be taken during the junior year. Participation in the program provides students the opportunity to approach academic study through a different cultural perspective and, most significantly, to speak, write, and learn in a foreign language. Details on the Year or Term Abroad are given in the Academic Regulations in the YCPS. The chief areas of concern for the DUS are:

  1. giving advice for the Year or Term Abroad and approving the plans of prospective majors. Applicants for a Year or Term Abroad will consult the DUS of their intended major(s) about the feasibility of their plans for foreign study. The committee has prepared an online form for the DUS to complete and submit as part of the student’s application. The committee wishes to be certain that the applicant’s plans for foreign study make academic sense and that they meet the expectations of the student’s prospective major. As DUS, you are asked to discuss the student’s plans, review his or her transcript, and determine whether or not the proposed course of study will interfere with completing the major. If the student hopes to receive credit toward the major from study abroad, explain your expectations (e.g., amount of class time, number and length of papers). The student should contact you if he or she deviates significantly from the proposed course of study.
  2. giving advice for the Year or Term Abroad to students not intending to major in your discipline. Some students who intend to major in other departments will consult you about courses in your discipline that they might wish to take abroad.
  3. approving the award of major credit for students who are taking part in the Year or Term Abroad program. The study abroad committee will usually grant credit toward the 36-course-credit requirement for graduation on the strength of the student’s transcript. In some cases the relevant DUS will be consulted. A student who wishes to receive credit toward the major should supply a copy of his or her transcript and any written work you require.
  4. approving the award of credit for students in any majors who have completed foreign study while on a Leave of Absence from Yale. If a student chooses to study abroad while on a leave of absence from Yale, he or she is not enrolled in the Year or Term Abroad program. He or she must seek approval from the relevant DUSes both for credit toward the major and for credit toward the 36-course-credit requirement. Thus a student who takes courses in three different disciplines must seek approval for credit from the three appropriate directors of undergraduate studies. On approving credit from outside Yale, see Credit from Other Universities in the Academic Regulations and Endorsement of a Student’s Request for Credit for Course Work Done outside Yale under The Committee on Honors and Academic Standing in this handbook.

Finally, a student in any major, with the approval of the DUS and the committee, is eligible for a Year or Term Abroad. Directors of undergraduate studies should note particularly the following description of the Year or Term Abroad (The Undergraduate Curriculum, YCPS).

Questions about the Year or Term Abroad may be addressed to the Kelly McLaughlin, Assistant Dean of Assessment; Deputy Director and Director of Study Abroad, 55 Whitney Avenue, 432-8684.

Accessing the DUS Study Abroad Approval Form

When students apply for Year or Term Abroad, they are instructed to meet with their DUS well in advance of the application deadline to discuss their plans for study abroad. Students request the DUS approval form electronically from the Center for International & Professional Experience ( The DUS then receives an email with specific instructions about how to access the form, which is to be completed and submitted online. In addition to receiving email requests, the DUS can log into the MyCIPE application system anytime and view a list of all DUS study abroad approval requests. To access pending requests:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the link titled “Yale Faculty and Staff”