External Partnerships

The School of the Environment has partnership agreements with numerous local, national, and international organizations beyond the Yale campus. The following are a few examples of these arrangements.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is a top research university with a far-reaching faculty and a multinational student body. The university offers a Master of Science in Environmental Management that provides environmental management education for senior and mid-level managers in corporations, institutions, and government and nongovernmental organizations. This program is multidisciplinary, with the combined resources of seven of the university’s faculties, and also draws on the expertise of established environmental agencies and institutions both locally and globally.

In 2001 the Yale School of the Environment entered into an official agreement with the National University of Singapore School of Design and Environment to share scientific, academic, and technical resources; exchange faculty and students; and cooperate in research, outreach, and conferences. We have had an active faculty exchange and a joint research program examining industrial ecology and urban metabolism in Singapore.

New York Botanical Garden

The School of the Environment has enjoyed a reciprocal relationship with the Graduate Studies Program at the New York Botanical Garden for many years. Begun in 1896, the Botanical Garden program currently enrolls about a dozen students who are carrying out studies in systematic and economic botany and applied plant ecology at field sites around the world. The program’s expertise spans the spectrum of both systematic and economic botany. It is operated in conjunction with several other academic institutions, including the Yale School of the Environment.

The resources of the New York Botanical Garden include one of the largest botanical libraries in the world, an herbarium and 10,000 species of living plants housed in several greenhouses, as well as an electron microscope, environmental chambers, and instrumentation for radiobiological, biochemical, anatomical, molecular, phytochemical, chemosystematic, numerical taxonomy, and vegetational studies. The School of the Environment offers a combined doctoral degree with the New York Botanical Garden, which is funded by the Lewis B. Cullman Fellowship. NYBG faculty teach courses at YSE in tropical plant taxonomy, applied plant ecology, and ethnobotany.

External Joint-Degree Programs

The Yale School of the Environment also has joint-degree agreements with the Pace University School of Law, the Vermont Law School, Tsinghua University School of Environment, and Universidad de los Andes. Further information on these programs is available through the Office of Admissions.