Master’s Program Tuition and Fees

The 2020–2021 tuition for master’s degrees (M.E.M., M.F.S., M.E.Sc., and M.F.) is $44,875. The tuition for midcareer students is $45,750. Tuition for special students is based on the number of courses taken. The School reserves the right to revise tuition as it deems appropriate. Tuition does not include hospitalization/specialty insurance as required by the University, or materials fees charged by other schools and departments in the University.

Two-year master’s students must pay full tuition for two years, regardless of the number of courses taken.

For 2020–2021, a single student should also anticipate estimated expenses of $500 for books and supplies; $1,500 for transportation, $2,548 for hospitalization/specialty insurance; living expenses of $16,680 for room, board, and personal expenses for the nine-month academic year; $250 for the mandatory Student Activity Fee; and $135 for the mandatory Student IT Fee.