Distributional Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree

Students must fulfill disciplinary area requirements by taking no fewer than two course credits in the humanities and arts, two in the sciences, and two in the social sciences. Students must also fulfill skills requirements by taking at least two course credits in quantitative reasoning, two course credits in writing, and courses in a foreign language. Depending on their level of proficiency in foreign languages at matriculation, students may fulfill this last requirement with one, two, or three courses, or by certain combinations of course work and approved study abroad.

Courses that fulfill the distributional requirements are designated in the course listings in the Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) and on Yale Course Search (YCS) by the abbreviations Hu, Sc, So, QR, WR, and, for the foreign language requirement, L1, L2, L3, L4, or L5.

Although some courses may carry more than one distributional designation, a single course may be applied to only one distributional requirement. For example, if a course is designated both Hu and So in the YCPS or YCS, it may be applied toward either the humanities and arts requirement or the social science requirement, but not both. Similarly, if a course is designated QR and Sc, it may be applied toward either the quantitative reasoning requirement or the science requirement, but not both.

Courses taken Credit/D/Fail may not be used to fulfill the distributional requirements. (See Yale College Programs of Study, section B, Grades, Credit/D/Fail Option for more information.)