Applied Mathematics

Mathematical models are used to study a multitude of problems in fields as diverse as bioinformatics, systems engineering, and business management. Despite the wide range of the applications, relatively few essential mathematical techniques are used in addressing most problems. The Applied Mathematics major is designed to provide a foundation in these common mathematical techniques and to train students to use them to solve problems in one or two fields of application.

The major is intended for students interested in theoretical and quantitative aspects of the natural and social sciences. Students currently combine applied mathematics with physics, geophysics, chemistry, engineering, economics, statistics, and computer science, but any other discipline with enough quantitative courses may serve as the area of specialization.

Prerequisites for the major include courses in computer programming, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra. Students who want to keep their options open should take, in addition to the prerequisites, an introductory sequence in physics or chemistry (for those interested in the natural sciences) or a year of introductory economics (for those who wish to concentrate in the social or management sciences).

The director of undergraduate studies may be contacted in the fall for a more detailed description of the Applied Mathematics program, including a sample curriculum and a list of appropriate upper-level courses.