The program in Art offers courses in a variety of media and provides a background in visual arts as part of a liberal education and as preparation for graduate study and professional work. Areas of study include painting/printmaking (including drawing), sculpture, graphic design, photography, and filmmaking.

All 100-level courses are open to freshmen, and no prior experience is required. Students who want to take an art course should always attend the first course meeting. Demand is usually great for basic courses, and students should consider more than one section. In the first week of the fall and spring, the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) will meet with students who need advice about course selection.

Students are admitted to the major in the spring term of their sophomore year after a sophomore review. Prospective majors present a portfolio of work from Yale studio art courses to a group of faculty and receive advice based on their course work and on the strengths and deficiencies of their portfolios.

Five introductory-level courses are required as prerequisites to the major, including ART 111 and ART 114. To be eligible for the sophomore review, students must have completed four of the prerequisite courses and should be enrolled in the fifth.

Junior Art majors are eligible for a summer program in Norfolk, Connecticut. The Norfolk program awards up to four course credits for two students. The Senior Project is extended over a full year and is awarded two course credits.

Acceleration credits are not available in art.