Chemical Engineering

The program in Chemical Engineering principally focuses on basic and engineering sciences and on problem solving. It also emphasizes communication, analysis of experiments, and chemical process design. A special feature of the program is the accessibility of laboratory research. Most chemical engineering majors participate in faculty-led research projects that can lead to publication and/or presentation at national meetings.

The program’s educational objectives include providing graduates with an excellent engineering science background for graduate study in chemical, biomedical, or environmental engineering programs or in medicine or law; preparing graduates for a diverse range of industrial careers; and providing graduates with a broad liberal arts education.

Two degree options are offered: a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering that is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc., and an unaccredited B.S. degree in Engineering Sciences (Chemical). The prerequisites for both degree programs are three terms of calculus, two or three terms of general chemistry with laboratory, two terms of physics, and one term of computer programming. Students with advanced high school preparation may move ahead to more advanced courses.

There is considerable flexibility for tailoring the program to match individual interests. Students are encouraged to meet with the director of undergraduate studies at the engineering fair (see the Calendar for the Opening Days) or to contact the DUS directly.