East Asian Studies

In the East Asian Studies (EAS) major, students focus on a country or an area within East Asia and concentrate their work in the humanities or the social sciences. The major offers a liberal education that serves as excellent preparation for graduate study or for business and professional careers in which an understanding of East Asia is essential.

As EAS is interdisciplinary, students typically select classes from a wide variety of disciplines. Council faculty offer classes in the departments of Anthropology, East Asian Languages & LiteraturesEconomicsHistoryHistory of ArtPolitical ScienceReligious Studies, and Sociology. EAS draws on the resources of other departments and programs in the University, and students are encouraged to examine the offerings of other departments, as well as residential college seminars, for additional relevant courses in both the humanities and the social sciences. The proposed course of study must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies (DUS).

First-year students who intend to major in East Asian Studies should begin language training as soon as possible. Completion of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean at the elementary level is prerequisite to the EAS major.

Prerequisites to the major

Many majors spend a term or a year studying in China, Japan, or Korea. With the approval of the DUS, credit for such study up to the equivalent of six Yale course credits may count toward the major. Information on a wide variety of approved study abroad programs is available from the Council on East Asian Studies, 320 Luce Hall, 432-3427, or on the Council’s Website.