Ethnicity, Race, and Migration

Ethnic and racial conflicts and solidarities dominate much of the globe and give rise to international migration, displacement of indigenous peoples, and creation of new communities, as well as efforts of indigenous peoples to reclaim rights and territories.

The program in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration offers an introduction to the intellectual traditions and debates surrounding the concepts of ethnicity, nationality, and race; a grounding in both the history of migration and its contemporary manifestations; and a knowledge of the cultures, structures, and peoples formed by these migrations. Courses cover traditional ethnic studies topics such as Latino and Asian American studies; the major also encourages systematic study of the indigenous peoples of North America, migrations to North America, and comparative study of other intercontinental migrations.

During the first or sophomore year, students interested in the major should take ER&M 200, an introductory course on the issues and disciplines involved in the study of ethnicity, race, and migration.