Global Affairs

The Global Affairs major, administered by the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, prepares Yale students for global leadership and service by enhancing their understanding of the world around them. Students in this interdisciplinary major develop expertise in contemporary global affairs that is informed by the social sciences.

The Global Affairs major offers two tracks. The International Development track focuses on economic development and poverty, including global public health, in all but the world’s most developed countries. The International Security track focuses on international relations, foreign policy, and diplomacy and includes topics relevant to national and human security. All majors take a core course in each track and complete four electives in their area of concentration.Students must also complete introductory microeconomics and macroeconomics, as well as a course at the L5 level in a modern language other than English. During the senior year, each major completes a capstone course in which a group of eight to ten students addresses a specific policy issue and presents its findings and recommendations to a real-world organization.

Students apply to the Global Affairs major during the fall term of the sophomore year. The number of students accepted into the major is limited, and selection is competitive. Interested students are encouraged to consider the introductory economics and foreign language requirements in their course planning for the freshman and sophomore years. Each year the call for applications is posted on the Jackson Institute Website, is circulated through the residential college deans offices, and is noted on the First-year and Sophomore Advising Website.

Most Jackson Institute courses are open to nonmajors, including GLBL 101.  For more information about courses and the major in Global Affairs, consult Yale College Programs of Study and visit the Jackson Institute Website.