History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health

Courses in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health explore the interactions of medicine, public health, technology, science, and society from a global and historical perspective. Encompassing the Scientific Revolution through the digital revolution, topics include public health and epidemics in global perspective; the relationships of medicine and the media in modern America; the development of the earth and environmental sciences; nuclear weapons and electronic computers; museums and scientific collections; genetics and biotechnology; medical technologies and pharmaceuticals; the interplay of technology, industry, and the state; and the relationship between science, medicine, and the arts.

Majors organize their curriculum through thematic pathways that combine courses in the sciences and humanities. Pathways include medicine and public health; global health; science, technology, and society; gender, reproduction, and the body; and media, visual culture, and material knowledge. Students may also design pathways in their own areas of interest in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies (DUS).