The Literature program is designed for students interested in literary studies who do not want to limit their programs to a single national literature. The major allows students to develop knowledge of multiple languages and cultures, and can be the foundation of an international education.

First-years with a broad interest in the humanities might consider the Literature major, because it allows the study of literature to be combined with work in history, philosophy, art, film, and other fields. Students may also pursue particular thematic interests such as gender issues, literature’s historical context, or religious and political dimensions of literature. The Literature major offers a standard track, a film track, and a translation track.

Prospective majors should begin or continue language study during the first year. Interested students are also encouraged to take one or two courses that include some major texts of the Western literary tradition and count toward the major. These courses include:

  • DRST 001, Directed Studies: Literature
  • DRST 002, Directed Studies: Literature
  • ENGL 129, Tragedy in the European Literary Tradition
  • ENGL 130, Epic in the European Literary Tradition

Students interested in the Literature major should consult the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) and review the department website.