Southeast Asia Studies

The Council on Southeast Asia Studies offers an interdisciplinary program that contributes to the curriculum with language studies, an annual seminar series, periodic conferences, cultural events, and special lectures. Current Council faculty members are affiliated with a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as professional schools such as the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Yale holds one of the most extensive Southeast Asia library collections in the United States.

Although Yale does not offer a degree in Southeast Asia Studies, majors in any department may consult with Council faculty regarding a senior essay on a Southeast Asian topic. In certain circumstances, students who have a special interest in the region may explore the possibility of a Special Divisional Major. Students interested in pursuing summer research projects or language study in Southeast Asia may apply to the Council for summer fellowship support.

Courses featuring Southeast Asian content are offered by several departments and professional schools. A course list for each academic year is available on the Southeast Asia Studies Website. Yale offers language instruction inIndonesian and Vietnamese. The Council on Southeast Asia Studies also supports independent study in other Southeast Asian languages through the Directed Independent Language Study ProgramSee the Council Website for details.