Center for Language Study

The Center for Language Study (CLS) provides resources for students of foreign languages and for language courses. The CLS also provides support for nonnative speakers of English through its English Language Program. For undergraduates enrolled in a foreign language course, the CLS offers peer tutoring in the target language. For students in Yale College and in the graduate and professional schools, the CLS offers specialized language programs, such as Directed Independent Language Study (DILS), for the study of languages not taught at Yale, and the Fields program, for discipline-specific language study at advanced levels. For professional school students, the CLS offers courses in language for special purposes, such as Spanish or Chinese for medical professionals. All language learners at Yale have access to CLS facilities, including its study rooms, distance-learning facilities, and flexible learning spaces. For more information, including hours, a list of resources, and information about Yale’s foreign language requirement and placement testing, see the Center’s Website.