First-year-level calculus courses include:

  • MATH 112, Calculus of Functions of One Variable I
  • MATH 115, Calculus of Functions of One Variable II
  • MATH 116, Mathematical Models in the Biosciences I: Calculus Techniques
  • MATH 118, Introduction to Functions of Several Variables
  • MATH 120, Calculus of Functions of Several Variables

To register for MATH 112, MATH 115, or MATH 120, you must first complete an online placement examination during the summer. The exam is available beginning in early July via the Placement Exam link under Undergrad Programs on the Mathematics Website.

Students may discuss their placement results or seek other advice at a departmental advising session at the beginning of the fall term. Times and places will be listed on the departmental website and in the Calendar for the Opening Days.

Despite efforts to establish correct placement levels, some students will find it best to change level, either up or down, during the early weeks of the term. The department facilitates such changes by offering calculus sections at many different meeting times. A student who needs to change course levels should attend a section of the desired higher- or lower-level course and ask the instructor’s permission to join. Students who think they have not enrolled at the correct level should not hesitate to consult the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) or the departmental adviser in their residential college.

For more complete information about calculus and other mathematics courses suitable for first-year students, see the Yale College Programs of Study: Mathematics.