Access & Personal Information

Important First Steps - Please complete in this order:
  • Retrieve and Activate your NetID 
    Your NetID is a unique identifier that allows you to access online resources and your EliApps e-mail account. Please note that it takes roughly 1-2 days, after you matriculate, for your NetID to be ready for you to retrieve and activate. Go to the NetID page for instructions on how to retrieve and activate your NetID. If, after two days, you are not able to retrieve and activate your NetID, please email or call 203-432-9000.
  • Set up your EliApps email account 
    Once you have retrieved and activated your NetID, go to EliApps to set up your email account. All communications from Yale College will be sent to your EliApps account. 
  • Set up your Yale Connect account
    Once you have retrieved and activated your NetID, and set up your EliApps email account, you must set up your Yale Connect account so that you can get started in the Yale College community. If you are not able to access Yale Connect, it is because our system has not updated your record.  If that is the case, try to access the Yale Connect portal again the next day.
  • Complete the Housing and Advising Form,  Deadline 11:59 p.m. EDT May 6, 2019
    Once you have retrieved and activated your net id, set up your EliApps email account and your Yale Connect account you may access the housing and advising form. Please note: You will not be able to access the housing & advising form until your net id, EliApps and Yale Connect accounts are set up. The information you provide on the housing and advising form will be used to assign you to a residential college, to your suite mates, and to your first-year counselor.
  • Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale Form, Deadline May 6, 2019
    Please complete this form if you are an observant Jewish student for whom electronics to enter a dormitory or residential college on the Sabbath and holidays poses a problem. 
  • Upload your photo ID
    Yale University requires that all students be issued an official Yale University photo identification card. You will need this card to gain access to residential colleges, dormitories, dining halls, libraries, recreational facilities and other University buildings and services. 
  • Click here at noon on June 26, 2019, to find your residential college, room, roommate and first-year counselor assignment.
  • Family Information Form, Deadline July 1, 2019
    This form provides Yale College with essential family information. The information from this form will be used by the Office of Development for communications, event invitations, fundraising, and opportunities to engage with the Yale alumni and parent community.
  • Office of the Chaplain Religious Information Form, Deadline July 1, 2019
    The information gathered from this form is used to keep current on the religious diversity at Yale in order to offer support as broadly as possible to the community. It is shared with groups authorized by the Office of the University Chaplain. 
Changing Your Address and Contact Information 

It is important that we have your emergency contact information, current permanent home address, home telephone, and cell phone number. Use the Student Information System (SIS) to update your information (you must have a NetID to access SIS).