Retrieve & Activate Your NetID

All incoming Yale College students are automatically assigned a NetID—usually the student’s initials followed by a number—which is a username that allows access to the campus network and its many online systems. Along with a password of your choosing, a NetID also gives you access to the following: 

  • All Freshman forms and applications
  • ID Card Photo Upload
  • Yale Email accounts
  • Billing Account Information
  • Online Payment
  • Course Information and registration

You will receive an email notification when your NetID is ready for activation. Once you have received this notice, please use the link below. Please note that you will only need your Eli Account ID and password to access and activate your NetID. You will not need a separate PIN. After you access and activate your NetID, please write down your assigned NetID in a safe place, and please remember the personal password that you chose. You will use your NetID often throughout your time at Yale. 

If you matriculate between 8 pm on a Friday and 8 pm on a Monday you will not receive a net id until 2:30 am on Tuesday.