Acceleration Policy

If you accelerate at Yale, you do not skip freshman year; you take fewer courses in order to graduate sooner. Yale does not grant sophomore status to any entering freshmen.

There are two reasons for this acceleration policy. First, most courses are open to qualified freshmen, so there is no typical freshman program. Freshmen take courses at varying levels depending on interest and preparation. Second—and more important—Yale’s acceleration policy allows you to spend at least one year at college before you decide whether you want to accelerate. This policy helps you make an informed decision about acceleration once you know Yale’s resources and have a clearer view of your capacities and your academic and personal goals. You may petition to accelerate by one term during your sophomore or junior year; you may petition to accelerate by two terms during your sophomore year or the first half of your junior year. In each case, you must meet the deadline given in the Academic Regulations section of the YCPS.