Theater Studies

Theater Studies offers courses in theater practice (acting, directing, design, dance, playwriting, musical theater performance, and digital media performance) and theater history and theory (dramatic literature, criticism, and performance theory). It involves study of performance techniques and directing methods along with exposure to various dramaturgical and critical analyses of performance texts within a range of cultural contexts. The Theater Studies major is not a conservatory training program, but rather approaches the study and practice of theater as a humanistic discipline with its own critical and theoretical language, methodology, and materials.

Freshmen interested in the Theater Studies major should take THST 110, Survey of Theater and Drama, and THST 111, Survey of Theater and Drama, which introduces students to dramatic literature, performance text analysis, theater history, and principles and theories of acting, design, dance, and directing. This course sequence is open to all students and is the prerequisite for most other courses in the major.

Enrollment in the Theater Studies major is open. Applications for the major, in the form of auditions for THST 210, Introduction to Performance Concepts, are accepted each year at the end of the spring term from students who have successfully completed THST 110 and THST 111.