Even though Yale College has no formal requirement in English, nearly all freshmen choose to take one or more courses in the English department. Whatever majors they will later choose, freshmen need to learn to read analytically and write clearly at the college level. The English department offers a variety of courses that enhance students’ skill and confidence as readers and writers. These courses are taught in seminar-sized groups and are open to students of all interests and backgrounds. All freshman courses except ENGL 123, Introduction to Creative Writing, may be applied toward the Yale College distributional requirement in writing. It should be noted that medical schools encourage, and in many cases require, their applicants to have taken one term or more of English.

Introductory English courses (ENGL 114–ENGL 130) are offered in two categories. ENGL 114, Writing Seminars, and ENGL 115, Literature Seminars, are designed for the majority of freshmen to help them develop their skills as writers of college-level prose and as insightful readers. Courses numbered ENGL 120–ENGL 130 are designed for freshmen who already feel confident doing intensive, college-level course work and, in the spring, for freshmen who took ENGL 114 or ENGL 115 in the fall.

English Preregistration

For more complete information about introductory English courses and guidelines for placement, see Programs of Study: English. Details about the registration process will be available in the Calendar for the Opening Days and on the departmental Web site. Syllabi indicating the different topics to be covered in sections of ENGL 114, ENGL 115, and ENGL 121, Styles of Academic and Professional Prose, will be posted on the departmental site approximately two weeks before the beginning of classes. Students uncertain about which course to take should attend English Department Placement during Freshman Orientation.

If, after consulting the departmental Web site, you have questions about English courses, call 203 432-2226 or send an e-mail message to erica.sayers@yale.edu.