Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

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This form is primarily relevant to those among you who observe the Jewish laws of Sabbath and holidays.

Housing at Yale involves an entry system that uses electronics that can pose difficulties for observant Jewish students. Most of the residential colleges have an alternative key entry that does not involve electronics, but at least one of the colleges cannot accommodate this non-electronic entry due to a divided courtyard. The University is pleased to make certain accommodations in the housing process now in order to avoid your having to face any difficulties by making sure you are not assigned to that college.
If you are an observant Jewish student for whom the use of electronics to enter a dormitory or Residential College on Sabbath and holidays poses a problem, YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM (DEADLINE May 5, 2016). Yale will then make the necessary arrangements to provide access to your future housing in a manner which will avoid conflicts with observance.
Please note that Yale cannot be responsible to make accommodations after the deadline of May 5. It is imperative that we hear from you immediately.
Yes, the use of electronics poses a problem for my observance of Shabbat and holidays