Preorientation Programs

Freshman Orientation is your formal introduction to Yale College. However, several optional preorientation programs that may interest you are described below.

Important Notes:

•    Financial aid for the preorientation programs is available.
•    With the exception of OIS for international students, preorientation programs are open to all students.
•    Freshmen participating in Cultural Connections and the Orientation for International Students are housed temporarily in rooms on the Old Campus; they should not expect to have access to their term-time dormitory rooms until the programs end.

Cultural Connections

August 20–25

Cultural Connections (CC) introduces freshmen to Yale’s campus and cultural resources. The program explores the diversity of student experiences on the Yale campus, with emphasis on the experiences of students of color and on issues related to racial identity. However, CC is open to any freshman regardless of race or ethnicity. Activities include discussions with faculty members who have expertise in the fields of ethnicity, nationality, and race; panels on academic expectations by faculty; introductions to financial, social, and academic resources; presentations on campus life by students; group visits to local points of interest such as the Yale College cultural centers and the Mohegan powwow; and a shopping trip for all your suite needs. For more information, visit the Cultural Connections Website or call 203 432-2906.
•    Register for Cultural Connections (Deadline July 1, 2016)


August 20-25

FOCUS on New Haven takes freshmen on a 6-day exploration of the urban landscape that exists within and beyond the Yale campus. Students will make new friends as they get insider knowledge on all of the rewarding aspects of New Haven, from fun city-wide events to local art and architecture to community organizing efforts. Through a guest speaker series, guided discussion, and community service, FOCUS also encourages students to think about ways in which they can understand and have an impact on the city Yale calls home. For more information, go to!
•    Register for FOCUS (Deadline July 1, 2016)

Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT)

August 20-26 (six-day) or August 22-26 (four-day)

On Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT), upperclass students lead freshmen on six-day and four-day backpacking trips in the mountains and hills of New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. FOOT is designed for students of all backgrounds and levels of hiking experience. Students form tight bonds of lasting friendships and create a close group that supports them throughout the years, in a wonderful wilderness setting. Participants meet at Yale on the day before departure, on August 20 for the six-day trips and on August 22 for the four-day trips, and are bused to their various destinations. For more information, visit the FOOT Website or e-mail the head student coordinators Zoe Dobuler and Brandon Hudik at or the summer coordinators at
•    Register for FOOT (Deadline July 1, 2016)


August 21-26

During Harvest, groups of freshmen spend five days farming and camping on family-owned organic farms in Connecticut. They experience all aspects of farm life, from picking vegetables to planting squash to feeding chickens. Afternoons and evenings might find students cooling off in a pond, playing volleyball, or sharing s’mores around a campfire. A Harvest trip provides a unique opportunity for freshmen to enjoy the outdoors, learn about sustainable agriculture in the Northeast, and make a close group of friends before the start of Yale. Harvest is designed for students of all backgrounds; no farming experience is necessary. The program starts Sunday, August 21 and is run by the Yale Sustainable Food Program. For more information, visit the Harvest website or e-mail the student coordinators Michael Lebwohl and Ivy Sanders-Schneider at
•    Register for Harvest - (Deadline extended to July 24, 2016)
•    Harvest Medical Forms

Orientation for International Students (OIS)

August 22-25

The Orientation for International Students (OIS) program is designed to ease international students’ transition to the United States by familiarizing them with academic and social life in Yale College. OIS introduces new students to the Yale campus and the city of New Haven, and includes discussions about academics, campus culture, extracurricular activities, financial aid and employment opportunities, and living in the U.S. There will also be time to set up bank accounts, get cell phones, and shop for those essential items not brought from home. Most importantly, OIS provides the occasion to get to know other students who have come from around the world to study at Yale. OIS is organized and led by Yale College student counselors. For more information and to register for the program, visit the OIS Web site or e-mail Ozan Say at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

•    Register for OIS - (Deadline extended to July 24, 2016)