Important Dates & Deadlines

April 1

April 1

New students may begin to access & activate their Net IDs, access their EliApps (email) and upload their photo IDs

New students may download and complete vaccination record, health and physical exam forms and intercollegiate athlete medical form(only for intercollegiate athletes)

May 5

Deadline for completing the Housing & Advising form for early action and regular admission students

May 5

Deadline to complete the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale form if you are an observant Jewish student for whom electronics to enter a dormitory or residential college on the Sabbath and holidays poses a problem

May 5

Deadline for students to request special consideration in rooming because of a disability or medical condition (including environmental allergies)

May 15      The high school math and science survey opens. It should be completed by all incoming students before July 31.

May 31      

Deadline to upload Photo ID

June 3

Deadline to apply for Directed Studies (DS)

June 15

Deadline to submit the student bond. *We have extended the deadline for the student bond. For your convenience, you may email the bond to, or mail it to Yale University, PO Box 208232, New Haven, CT 06520-8232. If you have any questions, email

June 15

Deadline to set up authorized payer for eBill-ePay

June 17 Students may begin to waive parts of health coverage
June 20 Deadline to complete Family Information form

June 22

Click here at noon on June 22, 2016, to find your residential college, room, roommate and freshman counselor assignment

June 25 Deadline to complete the payment plan enrollment

June 26

Deadline for contacting the Resource Office on Disabilities for accommodations related to academic disabilities

July 1 Deadline to complete the Office of the Chaplain religious information form

July 1

Summer on-line placement exams begin

July 1

Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS) available on line

July 1 Deadline to register for FOCUS

July 1

Deadline to register for Cultural Connections (CC)

July 1

Deadline to register for Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT)

July 1

Deadline to submit vaccination record and health and physical exam form

July 1

Deadline to submit intercollegiate athlete medical form (only for intercollegiate athletes)

July 5 Fall term bill available
July 10

Deadline to submit Common Application Final Report

July 14 Deadline to submit the FOOT medical form

July 18

Deadline to notify Yale Health regarding need for student allergy medical treatment plan

July 24 Calendar for the Opening Days of College available on line

July 24

Deadline to register for the Orientation for International Students (OIS) (*Deadline Extended)

July 24 Deadline to register for Harvest (*Deadline Extended)

July 31

Deadline to complete the high school math and science survey

August 1

Deadline to request to withhold directory information (optional)

August 1

Fall term bill due

August 15

Summer on-line placement exams deadline (*note one exception: MATH deadline is August 28, 2015)

August 20

Cultural Connections program begins 
FOCUS program begins

FOOT 6-day program begins

August 21

Harvest program begins 

August 22

FOOT 4-day program begins
Orientation for International Students (OIS) program begins

August 26

Opening Day: Residence halls open for freshmen at 9 a.m.

Late August The Undergraduate Regulations is available on line

August 26–September 5

Freshman Orientation (required for all freshmen).  All freshmen must be on campus from August 26-September 5 to attend mandatory events. Go to the Calendar for the Opening Days of College for more information.

August 31

Classes begin (go to the academic calendar for other pertinent dates and the Calendar for the Opening Days of College)

September 15

Deadline for students who want to waive parts of health coverage

October 7-9

Family Weekend