Biomedical Engineering

17 Hillhouse Avenue, 203.432.4220
M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Jay Humphrey

Director of Graduate Studies
Richard Carson (

Professors Joerg Bewersdorf (Cell Biology), Richard Carson, Nicholas Christakis, Robin de Graaf, James Duncan, Karen Hirschi, Jay Humphrey, Fahmeed Hyder, Andre Levchenko, Evan Morris, Laura Niklason, Xenophon Papademetris, Douglas Rothman, W. Mark Saltzman, Martin Schwartz, Fred Sigworth, Brian Smith, Lawrence Staib, Hemant Tagare, Paul Van Tassel, Steven Zucker (Computer Science)

Associate Professors Stuart Campbell, Michael Choma, Tarek Fahmy, Rong Fan, Anjelica Gonzalez, Themis Kyriakides (Pathology), Chi Liu, Kathryn Miller-Jensen, Jiangbing Zhou

Assistant Professors Michael Mak, Michael Murrell

Fields of Study

Biological and medical devices, biological signals and sensors, biomaterials, biomechanics, biophotonics, computational medicine, computer vision, digital image analysis and processing, drug delivery, energy metabolism, gene therapy, modeling in mechanobiology, MRI, MRS, PET and tracer kinetic modeling, nanomedicine, network analysis, the physics of image formation (MRI, optics, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and X-ray), physiology and human factors engineering, signaling pathways, systems biology, systems medicine, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, and vascular biology.

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