Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

Betts House, 203.432.1900, globalization@yale.edu

Ernesto Zedillo

The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization (YCSG) is devoted to examining the impact of our increasingly integrated world on individuals, communities, and nations. The center’s purpose is to support the creation and dissemination of ideas for seizing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges resulting from globalization’s impact on the world’s people and places. The center also studies problems that, even if they do not result directly from globalization, are global in nature and can therefore be effectively addressed only through international cooperation. In pursuit of this mission, and to assist in Yale’s effort to become a more international institution, the core of our strategy is collaboration both with the Yale community and with a variety of institutions and individuals across the globe.

One of the center’s strengths, and an important area of focus, is its ability to engage with multilateral institutions and global organizations in activities pertinent to its mission, thereby connecting academia with the world of public policy. Through these projects, YCSG produces reports, policy papers, and other publications that contribute toward influencing the attitudes and actions of policy makers, academics, and institutions. Natural opportunities exist to present the results of this work at Yale through seminars, colloquia, and public lectures.

The center’s strategy comprises four pillars. First, we focus on issues that are truly core to globalization, like international trade, global finance, inclusion, and the provision of key global public goods. Second, relying on a diversity of means—from closed brainstorming sessions among highly specialized thinkers to large multidisciplinary conferences—the center serves at Yale as a catalyst for debate and cutting-edge thought with a view to generate policy-relevant proposals. Third, in addition to our priority task of interacting with the Yale community, we seek actively to collaborate with a variety of institutions and individuals across the globe to leverage our own resources, reinforce the policy pertinence of our work, and support Yale’s internationalization efforts. And fourth, in the endeavor of disseminating critical analysis and stirring constructive debate, we apply ourselves to reach not only the academic and policy worlds with printed publications, but also to communicate with a wide audience of informed citizens around the world.

On campus, the center hosts international conferences, organizes workshops and panels, and works constantly to bring to the Yale community individuals who have input on international policy. YCSG’s Distinguished Visiting Fellows interact with faculty and students and are expected to produce one or more publications during their tenure.