Yale affiliates in the categories below are eligible to audit courses in Yale College free of charge in the fall or spring terms, with the permission of the instructor. Yale alumni and their spouses may also audit Yale College courses, for a fee. Persons other than Yale affiliates in the categories below and Yale alumni or their spouses are not permitted to audit courses in Yale College. 

The categories of Yale affiliates eligible to audit courses are:

  1. Students enrolled full time in Yale College or in one of the graduate or professional schools of the University. The permission of the instructor is required.
  2. Current members of the Yale faculty and emeritus faculty. The permission of the instructor is required.
  3. Spouses of full-time Yale faculty members, or of emeritus faculty, or of students enrolled full time in the University. The permission of the instructor and of Dean Risa Sodi is required.
  4. Employees of the University and their spouses, in accordance with applicable personnel policies. The permission of the instructor, the employee’s supervisor, and Dean Risa Sodi is required.
  5. Spouses of postdoctoral associates and fellows. The permission of the instructor and of Dean Risa Sodi is required.

The Yale College Auditing Registration form is available here, and hard-copy forms for those without printers are also available in the Auditing Office, SSS 24, at 1 Prospect Street (lower level). Directions are on the form itself. 

The deadline for submitting Yale College Auditing Registration forms coincides with the last day that undergraduate course schedules are due each term. Such dates are listed on the Yale College Calendar of Pertinent Deadlines.