The Credit/D/Fail Option

In order to encourage academic experimentation and to promote diversity in students’ programs, the Yale College Faculty has provided that students may elect a certain number of courses on a Credit/D/Fail basis.

Students may elect the Credit/D/Fail option at the beginning of the term. Enrollment in a course for a letter grade may not later be converted to enrollment on the Credit/D/Fail basis. Until a deadline set approximately two weeks after midterm, a student who has selected a course on the Credit/D/Fail option may choose instead to receive a letter grade by filing the appropriate form in the office of the residential college dean. After the deadline, such conversion is not possible. A student is not required to disclose to the instructor of a course whether he or she has enrolled in the course for a letter grade or has chosen the Credit/D/Fail option.

Instructors submit letter grades to the registrar for all students in their courses. For a Yale College student who has elected the Credit/D/Fail option, the registrar converts grades of A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, and C– to CR and enters that mark on the student’s record. Grades of D+, D, D–, and F are recorded as reported.

A student may not apply any course credit earned on the Credit/D/Fail basis toward satisfaction of the distributional requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

All courses offered in Yale College for graduation credit are available for election under the Credit/D/Fail option. Program descriptions under Subjects of Instruction in the YCPS specify whether or not courses taken on the Credit/D/Fail basis count toward the requirements of particular majors.

For further information about the Credit/D/Fail option, consult the Grades section of the Academic Regulations in the YCPS.