Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) at YSN works to actively enhance diversity through evidence-based methods of recruitment, career development, and retention focused on faculty, staff, and our student body to best reflect YSN’s mission. ODEI endeavors to increase representation and belonging of groups historically underrepresented in nursing and whose social identities are marginalized in the broader community. This includes those who identify as black, Latinx, Indigenous/First Nations, Alaska Natives, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Men (cisgender and transgender inclusive) are also underrepresented in nursing. ODEI also offers counsel, support, and capacity-building activities for individuals who live experiences that are grounded in one or more identities that commonly operate as markers for exclusion, including but not limited to: sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer), gender identity (non-cis or transgender), disability status, religion or spirituality, economic deprivation, educationally disadvantaged (e.g., first-generation college), and international students. ODEI facilitates the creation of “room at the center” for the voices of individuals from groups that have historically been kept at the fringes, by providing educational and skills-building programming opportunities that promote belonging among everyone in the YSN community.

The Yale School of Nursing has long been an innovator and leader in education, practice, and research. Faculty research covers a wide array of topics that encompass and address health disparities and well-being of underrepresented and vulnerable populations. ODEI directly contributes to YSN’s mission by guiding the School’s growth to increase and improve diversity while promoting equity and inclusion, thereby creating an environment that is reflective of the communities that we serve and supports the School’s overall mission. ODEI is also responsible for the implementation of bias, harassment, and mistreatment procedures for YSN. These procedures are administered by the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion with oversight from the associate dean for global health and equity.

Additionally, YSN dean’s designees—identified by the dean as YSN community members with the responsibility to receive student concerns and offer advice and guidance related to diversity and inclusion, discrimination and harassment, and equal opportunity—are available to support students and respond to student needs. For more information, please contact the YSN dean’s designees: Heather Reynolds (, YSN diversity, equity, and inclusion student coordinator; or Raven Rodriguez (, YSN director of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For inquiries about ODEI, please contact Raven Rodriguez (