Additional Student Guidelines


For the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), see

Freedom of Expression

The Yale School of Nursing is committed to the protection of free inquiry and expression in the classroom and throughout the school community. In this, the School reflects the University’s commitment to and policy on freedom of expression as eloquently stated in the Woodward Report (Report of the Committee on Freedom of Expression at Yale, 1974). See

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Policies

Nursing students in the Ph.D. program can access the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Policies bulletin at

Guidelines in Case of Occupational Exposure


Resources for Students to Address Discrimination and Harassment Concerns


Service Animal Policy

See Students must first register their service animal with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) before they are permitted to bring their service animal to the building. Service animals registered with SAS are welcome at YSN. This includes during classes, meetings, and other events. Non-service animals (pets) are not permitted with the exception of planned occasions, and require prior approval from YSN.

University Statement on Disclosure of Directory Information