YSN Testing Accommodations Protocol

YSN is committed to adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act and to working with Yale’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS), which speaks to YSN values of inclusion and diversity. To this end, in an effort to create a smooth testing coordination process and experience for students, staff, and faculty, the following protocol was developed which covers the procedures and responsibilities for students, faculty, and staff. 

Student Responsibilities

  • Students will be responsible for forwarding, their letter of accommodations received from SAS to their course faculty for courses where they wish to use their approved accommodations. The specific documentation provided to the student from SAS should be sent to their respective faculty within five business days of receiving it from SAS.
  • Students will leave all personal items, laptop, and cell phone in their locker, car, etc. Nothing will be allowed to be brought into the assigned testing room/area.
  • Students will abide by the honor code and not leave the testing room/area or remove the exam from the testing room and/or building. If the student must leave the room (i.e., bathroom emergency), the student must take the exam to the designated staff person (course instructor, senior administrative assistant, or testing coordinator). 
  • Students will receive specific information and instructions as to the date and time of the exam, start and end time of the exam, instructions for questions and bathroom breaks, and the name and location of the contact person. This information will be emailed to the student at least the day before the exam.  

Office of Student Life responsibilities

  • The Office of Student Life will communicate with the student population about accommodations, student responsibilities, and important deadlines related to securing accommodations in a timely manner.
  • The Office of Student Life will be responsible for forwarding electronically to the senior administrative assistants for each program/specialty the letters of accommodations received from SAS. SAS letters include specific accommodations (time and a half, semi-private, etc.) for each student.
  • The Office of Student Life will send students with accommodations the YSN Testing Protocol upon receipt of their accommodations letter from SAS.
  • The Office of Student Life will hire and train testing coordinator(s) and connect them to the senior administrative assistants for each program/specialty to make arrangements for use as needed.

Faculty Responsibilities 

  • Faculty will determine the date/time of the exam.
  • Faculty will be responsible for notifying the respective senior administrative assistant of the students who have documented accommodations and specific dates of exams no later than the end of the first month of the term.
  • Faculty will make themselves available to students and attempt to circulate to those students in separate rooms, if possible.

Senior Administrative Assistant responsibilities

  • Senior administrative assistants will follow up with faculty regarding their exam and quiz schedules (i.e., dates, time, allotted time for exam/quiz) to determine the room needs for students with accommodations.
  • The senior administrative assistant for each program/specialty will reserve rooms at YSN based on student accommodation needs and communicate these directly to the faculty instructor and/or student.
  • In situations where testing space is limited (heavy midterm or exam season), the senior administrative assistants will work with the Business Office to identify any spaces not designated on EMS that may be used only in the rare occasion when testing space is limited.
  • Senior administrative assistants will be responsible for notifying each student who requires accommodations with specific information and instructions about the test day. Specific information/instructions to students should be sent by email at least the day before.
  • Confidentiality of a student’s accommodation is critical. Senior administrative assistants will be sure to send separate emails to each student or blind copy the group of students.
  • Specific information/instructions to the students will include:
    • Date and start time of exam.
    • Where to report on the day/time of the exam.
    • The importance of notifying the administrative staff immediately if there is an issue with the space assigned.
    • What they are allowed to bring and not to bring: i.e., leaving personal items in lockers, their car, etc.
    • A link to the YSN Testing Accommodations protocol so the student may review it in advance.
  • Senior administrative assistants will place a sign outside the testing room that indicates a test is in progress, etc.
  • In the event of a paper exam, if senior administrative assistants are determined as the designee to receive the completed exam, the end time of the exam should be written on the document.