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African Studies

...interdisciplinary study of the arts, history, cultures, examination; (3) AFST 401 , the junior seminar...


Director of undergraduate studies: Lisa Kereszi, 122 GRN, 432-2600, ;


...basis for a liberal arts education or as...or above, normally PHYS 401 , 402 , and 439...

Computer Science

...undergraduate studies: James Aspnes, 401 AKW, 432-1232...and the humanities and arts distributional requirement. CPSC...

Computing and the Arts

Director of undergraduate studies: Julie Dorsey (Computer Science), 507 AKW, 432-4249,

History of Art

Director of undergraduate studies: Marisa Bass, 752 Yale Ave., 203 432-2666,;

History of Art

Art history is the study of all forms of art, architecture, and visual culture. The History of Art major can serve either as a general program in the humanities or as the groundwork for more specialized training.