Yale College Undergraduate Regulations

Each student in Yale College is required as a condition of enrollment to comply with the Undergraduate Regulations. The University expects students to be familiar with the Undergraduate Regulations and to use this online version for reference during the course of the academic year. An assertion of ignorance of any of the rules published herein will not be accepted as an excuse for any violation of them. No student or group of students should expect to be individually warned to conform to any of the rules contained in the Undergraduate Regulations.


The University reserves the right to amend or supplement these regulations at any time upon such notice to students as it deems suitable. The Yale College Dean’s Office is responsible for the publication of the Undergraduate Regulations. Suggestions for amendments may be sent to the Editor, Undergraduate Regulations, Yale College Dean's Office, 102 SSS.

Changes to the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Regulations

Content has been reorganized to simplify navigation.

The sections "Sexual Misconduct" and "Sexual Harassment" (Policies, Sections B and C), replace previously gendered language with non-binary language.

The section "Postering and Publicity" (Regulations, Student Activities, Section K), now specifies that student organizations must include contact information on posters; it also removes language that previously restricted posters and publicity to announcing events, not positions or opinions.

The section "Student Productions" (Regulations, Student Activities, Section F) has been relocated, from "Regulations, Undergraduate Organizations."

The section "Acts of Violence or Physical Force" (Offenses, Section C) now states that implied or express consent of the person against whom violence or force is used will not be considered a defense.

The section "Suspension" (Penalties) now states that suspension shall be recorded on the academic transcript.

The section "Energy Conservation" (Regulations, Other Services and Facilities, Section F) has been removed; information about energy conservation can be found on the Sustainability website.