The physical and digital collections of the Yale University Library, along with the library’s numerous buildings and spaces for study and research, are among the University’s greatest and most important academic assets. Students are encouraged to make full use of library collections and spaces, and to do so in a responsible manner that preserves them for future generations. Impairing library functions, failing to return library materials, removing or sequestering (“stashing”) books without authorization, or damaging library materials diminishes the usefulness of the libraries and violates the rights of others. Unauthorized access to library electronic records and databases is also a violation; this includes tampering with such files as online circulation records, falsifying identification to enter restricted databases, and downloading electronic content in a manner that violates the Library’s license agreements.

Library access and privileges are provided to all registered undergraduates. The University identification card is required to enter most libraries either at all times the library is open or during specified hours. The identification card also must be shown whenever library materials are borrowed. Library privileges are personal and individual; they may not be transferred, or used on behalf of another person.

The loan periods and fine policies in the many units that constitute the University Library vary from library to library, depending on the nature of the collections and the needs of users. The staff in each library is prepared to give assistance in the use of that library, and to explain its rules and regulations. Information about loan policies and fines is located at

A list of the Library’s regulations and security polices is found at

For violations of the library regulations, the University Librarian or his or her delegate may suspend library privileges and/or impose fines, including charges for replacement of library materials and repair to damages. Suspension of library privileges may be imposed for part of a term or for a full term or more. In the case of serious or repeated infractions of library regulations, the University Librarian or his or her delegate may refer the matter to the Yale College Executive Committee with a request that further disciplinary action be taken. In addition to University discipline, students may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or civil liability for violating provisions of applicable law.