Motor Vehicles

The problem of parking in downtown New Haven is acute, and Yale is committed to active cooperation in its solution. For this reason the University hopes that students will not bring cars to New Haven. Not only is parking on city streets restricted and overnight parking prohibited, but the limited number of parking spaces in the inner city must be used for serving nearby businesses and cannot be employed for long-term student parking.

For those students who find a car to be a necessity, parking may be secured for a fee from the University in the Pierson-Sage parking garage at Whitney Avenue and Edwards Street. The garage is equipped with emergency telephones and other security features. Regulations governing student vehicles follow.

A. Parking

Yale students who live on campus and who have cars are expected to obtain a parking space in the Pierson-Sage facility. The Yale Shuttle Bus makes regular stops at the garage.

B. Insurance

Vehicle insurance must be in effect for at least the minimum requirements of the State of Connecticut. The University is not responsible for damage to students' vehicles.

C. Use of University surface parking lots

For the convenience of students who use their vehicles during the evening, any motor vehicle may be parked in any vacant space in most Yale Parking Service surface lots on Saturdays, Sundays, and employee holidays, and between 4 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. on any weekday. The following facilities are presently not available for such parking: Lots 21, 55, 81, and most Medical School lots. Occasionally other lots, when so posted, may not be available. A student’s car illegally parked on a University lot during working hours, or a car parked at any time on a lot that is not available for student parking, may be towed without prior warning at the owner’s expense. A towed vehicle may be located by contacting the Yale Parking Service at 203-432-9790 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the Yale Police Department at 203-432-4400 at other times. A driver’s license must be presented to the towing company in order to reclaim a vehicle. Towing companies will release a vehicle only upon payment in cash.

D. Two-wheeled motor vehicles

Two-wheeled motor vehicles are subject to the same regulations that apply to automobiles. Motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes may not be parked in basements or within any University buildings.

E. Temporary parking of two-wheeled vehicles

Bicycles, motorcycles, or mopeds may not be stored, chained, or repaired in any exit of any University building; nor may bicycles be locked to gates, fences, or railings.

F. Access ramps

By order of the Resource Office on Disabilities, bicycles may not be secured to access ramps. Bicycles locked to ramps will be impounded. In order to retrieve such bicycles, owners will be required to identify themselves at the Yale Police Department, fill out a claim form, and pay the cost of the impounding.

G. Enforcement

Recognition by students of the parking problems facing an urban area such as New Haven, and adherence both to the parking regulations of the University and to those of the City of New Haven, are essential if the University is to fulfill its legal obligations to the City of New Haven in parking matters. The University has provided parking facilities and developed regulations that make low-cost, convenient, and safe parking available to its students. Those who disregard the Undergraduate Regulations relating to motor vehicles will therefore be liable to appropriate disciplinary penalties imposed by the Yale College Executive Committee.