Building Abbreviations

AKW Arthur K. Watson Hall
BASS Bass Center for Molecular and Structural Biology
BASSLB Bass Library
BCMM Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine
BCT Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center
BF Benjamin Franklin College
BK Berkeley College
BM Charles W. Bingham Hall
BML Brady Memorial Laboratory
BR Branford College
BRBL Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
C Connecticut Hall
CRB Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Building
CSC Child Study Center
D Durfee Hall
DAVIES Davies Auditorium, Becton Center
DC Davenport College
DL Dunham Laboratory
DOW Dow Hall
EAL Electron Accelerator Laboratory
EM Edwin McClellan Hall
ES Ezra Stiles College
ESC Class of 1954 Environmental Science Center
EVANS Edward P. Evans Hall
F Farnam Hall
GH Grace Hopper College
GML Greeley Memorial Laboratory
GRN Holcombe T. Green, Jr., Hall
HENDRIE Hendrie Hall
HGS Hall of Graduate Studies
JE Jonathan Edwards College
K Kirtland Hall
KBT Kline Biology Tower
KCL Kline Chemistry Laboratory
KGL Kline Geology Laboratory
KRN Kroon Hall
L Lawrance Hall
LC Linsly-Chittenden Hall
LEPH Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health
LFOP Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium
LGH Abby and Mitch Leigh Hall
LOM Leet Oliver Memorial Hall
LORIA Jeffrey H. Loria Center
LUCE Henry R. Luce Hall
LWR Lanman-Wright Memorial Hall
MC Morse College
MEC Malone Engineering Center
ML Mason Laboratory
MY Pauli Murray College
OML Osborn Memorial Laboratories
PC Pierson College
PH Phelps Hall
PM Peabody Museum of Natural History
PWG Payne Whitney Gymnasium
RDH Rudolph Hall
RKZ Rosenkranz Hall
SB Sage Hall
SCL Sterling Chemistry Laboratory
SDQ Sterling Divinity Quadrangle
SHM Sterling Hall of Medicine
SLB Sterling Law Building
SM Silliman College
SMH Sprague Memorial Hall
SML Sterling Memorial Library
SPL Sloane Physics Laboratory
SSS Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall
STOECK Stoeckel Hall
SY Saybrook College
TAC The Anlyan Center
TC Trumbull College
TD Timothy Dwight College
UT University Theatre
V Vanderbilt Hall
W Welch Hall
WL Wright Laboratory
WL-W Wright Laboratory West
WLH William L. Harkness Hall
WTS Watson Center
YCBA Yale Center for British Art
YUAG Yale University Art Gallery