Slavic Languages and Literatures (SLAV)

* SLAV 230a / HIST 353Ja / RLST 387a, The Slavic World Between Christendom East and WestJohn Mikitish

The Orthodox Church figures large in both Western and Russian accounts of Putin’s Russia; church politics and inter-Christian conflicts play a major role in the politics of contemporary Ukraine. In many ways, these are just the latest chapters in an ongoing process of religious encounter, conflict, and exchange on the Slavic borderlands of Eastern and Western Christendom. Drawing on the disciplinary tools and conclusions of literary studies, history, and religious studies, this course proposes to explore this continuing story through texts, images, and other media.  WR, HU
TTh 1pm-2:15pm

* SLAV 351a / FILM 351a / RUSS 338a, Documentary, Fiction, DocufictionJohn MacKay

A seminar on the relationship between nonfictional and fictional media practice, with a particular focus on the “docufiction” form. Topics to be discussed include debates over the coherence of the notion of “documentary”; the epistemological and political claims of fiction and documentary; and the relationship of documentary and fictional practice to questions of nationhood, ethnicity, and gender. Films by directors such as Vertov, Eisenstein, Shub, Flaherty, Ivens, Visconti, Varda, Makavejev, Trinh Minh-ha, Costa, and Kiarostami.  HU