Energy Studies

Energy Studies is a multidisciplinary academic program in Yale College. The curriculum is designed to provide select undergraduates with the broad knowledge and skills needed for advanced studies, leadership, and success in energy-related fields, at a time when the world faces enormous challenges in moving its energy systems toward greener, more sustainable sources, while eliminating energy poverty and providing affordable access to modern energy. The curriculum is divided in three tracks, Energy Science and Technology, Energy and the Environment, and Energy and Society, and requires the completion of six term courses plus a senior capstone project.

In addition to their participation in the program, Energy Studies Scholars must complete the requirements of a Yale College major. Yale College does not offer a major in energy studies.

Admission to the Energy Studies Undergraduate Scholars program is by application, normally in the second term of sophomore year. Accepted students are assigned an adviser from one of the departments associated with Energy Studies. Upon successful completion of the requirements, students receive a letter acknowledging their completion of the program and are invited to attend the annual Yale Alumni in Energy Conference.

For additional information, including program requirements and application instructions, visit the program’s Web site.