Forestry and Environmental Studies

Program adviser: John Wargo, 124 KRN

The School of the Environment trains primarily graduate and professional school students to solve worldwide environmental problems and to provide new understanding of local and global environments through interdisciplinary research in the natural and social sciences. The School offers numerous courses to undergraduates in Environmental Studies, and undergraduates from any major can take courses in the School. Those undergraduates with significant interest should contact the School's undergraduate program adviser to discuss a joint degree program that allows Yale College students to earn both a bachelor's degree from Yale College and an M.E.M.  or M.E.S.c. from the School of the Environment in five years. For more information on the joint program, see the School website. Most graduate-level courses are open to qualified undergraduates. Listings and detailed descriptions of these courses are available in the bulletin of the School of the Environment, and most also appear in the online bulletin of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Information about the programs of the School of the Environment may be found on the School website. Most lectures and symposia are open to undergraduates, and a calendar of events is also posted on the School website.