Mathematics and Physics

Adviser for the major: Vincent Moncrief, 64 SPL, 432-6930

The major in Mathematics and Physics allows students to explore the productive interaction between the two subjects more extensively than either individual major.


Prerequisites to the major include MATH 120 or its equivalent, an introductory physics lecture sequence numbered PHYS 180, 181 or above, and the associated laboratory sequence PHYS 205L, 206L.

Requirements of the Major

Beyond the prerequisites, the major requires a minimum of fourteen term courses above the introductory level, including the senior project. At least six of these must be Mathematics courses numbered 222 or above, and at least six must be advanced Physics courses chosen in consultation with the adviser for the major.

A course must be listed with a Math number to count toward the mathematics requirements—substitutions from other departments are not allowed.

Senior Requirement

A senior project in PHYS 471 or 472 on a topic appropriate for the combined major and acceptable to both the Physics and the Mathematics departments is also required. The student must present an oral report on this project to the Mathematics department.

Credit/D/Fail Courses taken Credit/D/Fail may not be counted toward the major.


Prerequisites MATH 120 or equivalent; PHYS 180, 181, or 200, 201, or 260, 261; PHYS 205L, 206L

Number of courses 14 term courses beyond prereqs, incl senior req

Distribution of courses 6 Math courses numbered 222 or above; 6 advanced Physics courses selected in consultation with major adviser

Senior requirement Senior project in PHYS 471 or 472 on topic acceptable to both depts; oral report on project to Math dept