Outside Aid

All students are encouraged to seek additional funding beyond what is available from the School of Architecture. A helpful website for students to search for third-party scholarships is https://finaid.org.

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects also offer outside scholarships. Information about AIA scholarships can be found at http://aiact.org/connecticut-architecture-foundation-scholarship. Additionally, other states with an AIA chapter or foundation also offer AIA scholarships. They can be found online by typing AIA NY, AIA MA, AIA NJ, etc., into a search engine.

Other organizations offering outside scholarships include the Yale Club of New Haven (http://www.ycnh.org) and PEO International (https://www.peointernational.org). 

Some state and private supplemental loan programs offer funds to students who require loan assistance in excess of the annual borrowing limits for the federal loan programs, or who are not eligible for the federal loan programs.

Additional information on financial aid may be found at https://sfas.yale.edu.

In order to comply with federal regulations as well as University policy, students must advise the Financial Aid Office of any additional awards received (scholarships, grants, loans, VA benefits, teaching assistantships, teaching fellowships, etc.). As a general rule, outside awards up to $10,000 can be received without affecting the student’s need-based scholarship from the School of Architecture, although it may be necessary to reduce the student’s loan(s). Outside assistance in excess of $10,000 will likely affect a student’s need-based scholarship from the School of Architecture.

If a third party (employer or other sponsor) is to pay all or a part of the cost of education and requires a bill in its name, the student must provide documentation from the sponsor detailing the terms of the sponsorship, to include: what charges are covered, the duration of the sponsorship, and the sponsor’s billing requirements and contact information. In addition, the student must submit written authorization allowing Yale University to communicate with and release student account billing information to the sponsoring third party as necessary. This information is due by June 1 and October 1 for the fall and spring terms, respectively. A copy of the award letter or scholarship notice, along with written authorization, should be emailed to yalepay@yale.edu.