Joint-Degree Programs with Other Yale Schools

The Jackson School of Global Affairs offers several joint-degree programs in collaboration with other Yale professional schools. As a joint-degree candidate, a student can earn two degrees typically in two terms fewer than if the degrees were pursued separately. However, joint-degree students must fulfill degree requirements for both programs. M.P.P. students are required to complete all core courses, demonstrate proficiency in a modern language (L4), complete summer experience, and complete the leadership and ethics training workshop. Joint-degree candidates must complete 12, rather than 16, credits. None of the courses taken toward degree requirements at one school may count toward toward degree requirements at the other school. See the Degree Programs section for specific information regarding M.P.P. degree requirements.

School of the Environment M.F./M.P.P., M.F.S./M.P.P., M.E.Sc./M.P.P., M.E.M./M.P.P.
The Yale School of the Environment (YSE) degree programs consist of a core curriculum and electives. Joint-degree students must complete the two-week YSE summer training program before their first term, which imparts field skills and techniques considered indispensable to students intending careers in environmental research, management, and policy. YSE students must also complete between ten and twelve weeks of summer internship or research following their first year. 

Law School J.D./M.P.P.
Yale Law School encourages an interdisciplinary approach to the law. Some students choose to combine their law studies with those at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. The joint degree is intended to complement the J.D. by providing specialized skills and a body of knowledge in another discipline. However, joint-degree status will not be formally approved until the student has satisfactorily completed their first term at the Law School and petitioned the faculty Committee on Special Courses of Study to formally become a joint-degree student. The joint degree with the Law School takes four years to complete. For more information please visit

School of Management M.B.A./M.P.P. 
The joint-degree program with Yale School of Management (SOM) offers an M.B.A. in combination with an M.P.P. It is intended for students who plan global careers in the for-profit, government, or nonprofit sectors. In the M.B.A./M.P.P. in Global Affairs joint-degree program, students spend the first year at the Jackson School and the second year at Yale SOM, during which they take the integrated M.B.A. curriculum. During the third year, they take electives at SOM, the Jackson School, and elsewhere at Yale. To complete the M.B.A. component of the program, a student must fulfill all of SOM's normal requirements. Joint-degree candidates take only 52 units, not the usual 72 units at SOM.

School of Public Health M.P.H/M.P.P.
The Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and the Jackson School of Global Affairs offer a joint degree in public health and global affairs. For the YPSH component, joint-degree candidates must complete all core and divisional required courses as well as the thesis/capstone and summer internship components. Exceptions for joint-degree candidates include the reduction of required YSPH course units from 20 to 15.