Handbook for Instructors of Undergraduates in Yale College

This handbook is intended to provide instructors of undergraduates in Yale College with a convenient guide to the rules and established procedures for instruction in Yale College. It will be particularly useful to instructors new to Yale, but all members of the Yale College Faculty are urged to read it carefully and to become familiar with its contents.

In addition to this handbook, several publications provide instructors with information that they will need about Yale College and their role as teachers in it. Faculty members should consult the Faculty Handbook, which supplies information on such matters as the organization of the University, faculty appointments, tenure standards, leave of absence, and other matters affecting faculty employment. Furthermore, faculty members may gain a sense of the shape and intentions of the curriculum of Yale College by reading the observations about a Yale College education in the Undergraduate Curriculum section of Yale College Programs of Study (YCPS), the Academic Regulations in that publication, and the 2011 report on the current state of a Yale College education (available in PDF format) that was produced by a faculty committee following an extensive curriculum review.

The Key to Course Listings in the YCPS contains explanations of such matters as cross-listed courses and the abbreviations and symbols used in the course descriptions. A calendar for the academic year is also included in the YCPS. Instructors in Yale College may also find helpful online resources in the faculty section of the Yale College Dean's Office website.