Midterm Reports on Students Doing Unsatisfactory Work

There are no midterm grades as such, although midterm is considered a time for the instructor to give students an informal assessment of their work as well as to alert the residential college deans of those students having difficulty in a course.

Before midterm, you can find on the University Registrar's Office website, a PDF of the Instructor’s Midterm Report, a form used for reporting information about students doing unsatisfactory work, particularly those who are in danger of failing a course. This form should be filled out for each student the instructor considers to be at a D or an F level. It should be returned immediately to the residential college dean or to the registrar, who will forward it promptly to the student’s college dean. The information submitted by the instructor forms a basis for the college dean to review the student’s general academic progress with him or her, and to discuss in particular the course in which the student’s work is unsatisfactory. If necessary, the college dean refers the student to the appropriate tutoring program for special assistance.

At any time during the term, instructors who note repeated absences of a student should be in touch with the student and his or her residential college dean, regardless of whether attendance in class is required.