The University Tribunal

The University Tribunal is a disciplinary body that has jurisdiction over students in all fourteen schools of the University, including students in Yale College. It may be convoked only by the president of the University (or the provost acting for the president). It exists to hear disciplinary cases deemed by the president to have institutional significance for the integrity and values of the University as a whole, cases the disposition of which the president believes would have some substantial impact within the University beyond a particular school of the University, or cases in which the president determines that the University Tribunal could best ensure a desired uniformity of disciplinary procedures and penalties among different schools of the University.

A hearing before the University Tribunal is in lieu of any proceeding before the disciplinary body of a student’s own school. In Yale College, that body is the Yale College Executive Committee. Except for cases explicitly referred to the University Tribunal by the president, however, the responsibility for student discipline rests with the appropriate disciplinary bodies of the various schools of the University, and the University Tribunal does not hear appeals from the decisions of those disciplinary bodies. It is expected that the University Tribunal will be convoked infrequently and only in extraordinary circumstances.

Additional information concerning the University Tribunal, including information concerning its composition and procedures, is available at the Office of the Secretary of the University at Woodbridge Hall.