American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL 110a, American Sign Language IStaff

An introduction to American Sign Language (ASL), with emphasis on vocabulary, ASL grammar, Deaf Culture and Conversational skills. Use of visual material (DVD), communicative activities, grammar drills, classifiers and Deaf Culture study. ASL 120 is not required to earn credit for ASL 110L11½ Course cr

* ASL 130a, American Sign Language IIIStaff

Building on ASL 120, this course covers in depth the structure of ASL grammar, fingerspelling, narratives, and visual communication. Students develop expressive and receptive skills in storytelling and dialogue.  Prerequisites: ASL 120 or a placement evaluation by professor.   L31½ Course cr

* ASL 150a, Critical Issues Facing Deaf People in SocietyJulia Silvestri

This course acquaints students with knowledge of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) people by surveying critical issues in how DHH people have been perceived and portrayed throughout history, how DHH and hearing people have advocated together for their civil rights, and how sign language studies, performance arts, and media have been instrumental in promoting these rights. As part of their studies, students create an ASL media or performance arts production that is reflective of this process. Students complete the course with a greater understanding of factors impacting language studies in the Deaf community, awareness of their own roles as members of the ASL community, and the ability to address sociocultural issues in tandem with Deaf communities and broader sign language communities.  Prerequisite: ASL 140 or advanced ASL proficiency.  L5
MW 11:35am-12:50pm