Human Rights Studies (HMRT)

HMRT 100b / PLSC 148b, Theories, Practices, and Politics of Human RightsStaff

Introduction to core human-rights issues, ideas, practices, and controversies. The concept of human rights as a philosophical construct, a legal instrument, a political tool, an approach to economic and equity issues, a social agenda, and an international locus of contestation and legitimation. Required for students in the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights.  SO0 Course cr

* HMRT 400a, Advanced Human Rights ColloquiumStaff

This course is the culminating seminar for Yale College seniors in the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights (Human Rights Scholars). The goal of the colloquium is to help students conceive and produce a meaningful capstone project as a culmination of their work in the program. It is a singular opportunity for students to pursue in-depth research in human rights. Open only to Human Rights Scholars in their senior year and a requirement for completing the program.