Indonesian (INDN)

INDN 110a, Elementary Indonesian IIndriyo Sukmono

An introductory course in standard Indonesian with emphasis on developing communicative skills through a systematic survey of grammar and graded exercises. Enrollment limited to 15 per section.  L11½ Course cr

INDN 120b, Elementary Indonesian IIIndriyo Sukmono

Continuation of INDN 110. Introduction to reading, leading to mastery of language patterns, essential vocabulary, and basic cultural competence. After INDN 110 or equivalent. Enrollment limited to 15 per section.  L21½ Course cr

* INDN 130a, Intermediate Indonesian IDinny Aletheiani

Continued practice in colloquial Indonesian conversation and reading and discussion of texts. After INDN 120 or equivalent. Limited enrollment.  L31½ Course cr

* INDN 140b, Intermediate Indonesian IIDinny Aletheiani

Continuation of INDN 130. After INDN 130 or equivalent. Limited enrollment.  L41½ Course cr
MTWThF 10:30am-11:20am

* INDN 150a, Advanced Indonesian IIndriyo Sukmono

Development of advanced fluency through discussion of original Indonesian sociohistorical, political, and literary texts and audiovisual sources. Extension of cultural understanding of Indonesia. Prerequisite: INDN 140 or equivalent. May not be taken after INDN 153.  L5

* INDN 170a, Advanced Indonesian: Special TopicsDinny Aletheiani

Continuation of INDN 160. Students advance their communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Use of Indonesian book chapters, Web pages, printed and electronic articles, social networking posts, newsgroups, and letters. Prerequisite: INDN 160.

* INDN 180b, Research and Creative Project on IndonesiaDinny Aletheiani

Continuation of INDN 170. Advancement in students' competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Reading materials include book chapters, Web sites, print and electronic articles, e-mail messages, blogs, and social networking posts. Prerequisite: INDN 170.

* INDN 470a and INDN 471b, Independent TutorialDinny Aletheiani

For students with advanced Indonesian language skills who wish to engage in concentrated reading and research on material not otherwise offered in courses. The work must be supervised by an adviser and must terminate in a term paper or its equivalent. After INDN 160. Permission to enroll requires submission of a detailed project proposal and its approval by the program adviser.