Ottoman (OTTM)

* OTTM 230b, Reading and Research in Ottoman History and LiteratureOzgen Felek

This is a text reading course. The course aims to introduce students to a variety of historical and literary Ottoman texts and documents from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries. We read and analyze excerpts from original Ottoman texts, such as the chronicles, heroic narratives, advice books, physiognomy texts, travel accounts, and hagiographical stories. The students participating in the course develop skills that enable them to read Ottoman Turkish texts and pursue independent work in Ottoman studies. 
TTh 4pm-5:15pm

* OTTM 231a / TKSH 231, Ottoman Paleography and DiplomaticsOzgen Felek

The Ottoman Empire, which stretched from North Africa to the Balkans, developed a highly complicated bureaucratic system, bequeathing an enormous amount of documents mainly written in Turkish with Arabic script. This course is a survey of the historical documents of the Ottoman Empire from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. It aims to introduce students to the various types of Ottoman documents and diplomatics as well as their features and characteristics. By reading handwritten samples, the students develop skills that enable them to understand the morphology and functions of these documents, such as emr-i şerîf, berât, hatt-ı hümâyun, telhîs, irâde-i şerîf, mektub, kâ’ime, hulasa, arzuhâl, mahzar, mazbata, hüccet, i’lâm, fetvâ, vakfiye and tezkires. This helps students pursue independent works in Ottoman studies. 
TTh 4pm-5:15pm