Portuguese (PORT)

PORT 110a, Elementary Portuguese IStaff

Basic vocabulary and fundamentals of grammar through practice in speaking, reading, and writing, with stress on audio-lingual proficiency. Introduces Brazilian and Portuguese culture and civilization.  L1RP1½ Course cr

PORT 130a, Intermediate Portuguese IStaff

Contemporary and colloquial usage of Portuguese in the spoken and written language of Brazil. Grammar review and writing practice. Readings on Brazilian society and history are used to build vocabulary. Exercises develop students' oral command of the language.  L3RP1½ Course cr

PORT 150a, Advanced Practice: Brazilian Culture through Black LivesGiseli Tordin

This special topic―Brazilian Culture through Black Lives―offers an overview of the sociocultural diversity in Portuguese language through arts, street-arts, film, music, and theoretical and literary texts created by Afro-Brazilian authors. This course offers an opportunity to study the correlation between culture and language through Afro-Brazilian perspectives from authors including Lélia Gonzalez, Clementina de Jesus, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Conceição Evaristo, Machado de Assis, among others. Students can improve their Portuguese language skills by developing podcasts, clips, and digital essays using different technologies.  After PORT 140 or equivalent. May be repeated for credit.  L5, HU
TTh 11:35am-12:50pm

* PORT 353a / LITR 290a, Machado de Assis: Major NovelsKenneth David Jackson

A study of the last five novels of Machado de Assis, featuring the author's world and stage of Rio de Janeiro, along with his irony and skepticism, satire, wit, narrative concision, social critiques, and encyclopedic assimilation of world literature.  WR, HU
T 3:30pm-5:20pm

* PORT 394a / LAST 394a / LITR 294a, World Cities and NarrativesKenneth David Jackson

Study of world cities and selected narratives that describe, belong to, or represent them. Topics range from the rise of the urban novel in European capitals to the postcolonial fictional worlds of major Portuguese, Brazilian, and Lusophone cities. Conducted in English.  WR, HUTr
M 3:30pm-5:20pm

* PORT 471a, Directed Reading or Directed ResearchKenneth David Jackson

Individual study for qualified students under the supervision of a faculty member selected by the student. Approval of the director of undergraduate studies is required.

* PORT 491a, The Senior EssayKenneth David Jackson

A research project designed under a faculty director, resulting in a substantial paper written in Portuguese, submitted to the DUS and a second designated reader.