Global Health Studies Certificate

Program director and chair: Catherine Panter-Brick; Director of undergraduate studies: Cara FallonGlobal Health Studies Program

Global Health Studies certificate

The Global Health Studies Program is a Multidisciplinary Academic Program that prepares students to critically engage with global health and its multifaceted concerns in contemporary societies. Global health is an interdisciplinary field, and as such, students develop a sophisticated understanding of the roles of politics, history, and economics, engage with the insights of anthropology, ethics, law, and sociology, and relate this knowledge to public health and the biomedical sciences. Students will be expected to complete interdisciplinary coursework to gain a broad understanding of global health research, practice, and leadership. 

Students apply to the Program, typically in the fall of their sophomore year. Those accepted into the Program are called "Global Health Scholars." Global Health Scholars are expected to complete interdisciplinary coursework across four global health competency areas chosen from six options: Biological & Environmental Influences on Health (YC GLHTH: Bio & Env Influences); Health & Societies (YC GLHTH: Health & Societies); Historical Approaches (YC GLHTH: Hist Approaches); Performance, Representation & Health (YC GLHTH: Perf, Rep & Health); Political Economy & Governance in Health (YC GLHTH: Polit Econ & Govern); and Understanding & Interpreting Quantitative Data (YC GLHTH: Quantitative Data). 

Moreover, in the summer after junior year, Scholars can apply for funding support to pursue mentored experiential learning projects (such as internships, archival work, or field-based research). During their senior year, they enroll in a colloquium course that meaningfully integrates the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the Program.


To fulfill the requirements of the program, Scholars must complete the global health introductory lecture course (HLTH 230), senior colloquium (HLTH 490), and four elective courses that fulfill four of the global health competency areas. Upon completion of the Global Health Studies Program, Scholars earn a Global Health Studies certificate.

No more than two course credits fulfilling the requirements of the Global Health Studies certificate may overlap with a major, a simultaneous degree, or another certificate. Additionally, no course credit may be applied toward the requirements of more than two curricular programs. For example, the same course credit may not be used to fulfill the requirements of two certificates and a major.

Qualified undergraduates may take graduate courses at the School of Public Health, subject to restrictions on graduate and professional school enrollment described in Academic Regulations, section L, Special Academic Arrangements. Further information about these courses can be found in the School of Public Health online bulletin. For information about the five-year B.A.–B.S./M.P.H. program offered jointly with the School of Public Health, see Public Health.

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Summary of requirements

Prerequisite None

Number of courses 6 courses (incl senior req)

Specific course required HLTH 230

Distribution of courses  4 electives to achieve four of the six global health competencies as indicated

Senior requirement HLTH 490, Senior colloquium